Product Highlight: Condensate Drip Pan Treatment – Are you ready for Spring?

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Condensate pans have seemingly become the most overlooked part of refrigeration equipment from a preventative maintenance stand point. Drip pans are “out of sight and out of mind,” until they become a costly problem.

Most consider the the small noticeable issues such as pooling due to poorly pitched drain pans, musty odors, and slime accumulation as unavoidable consequences of having such refrigeration units. However, these small issues are easily preventable with proper treatment and will prevent more costly, down-the-line problems such as flooding/water damage from blocked drain lines and even the spread of harmful water borne bacteria.

GWT’s CDC Drip Pan Anti Clog #1 is the most ideal, comprehensive preventative maintenance solution.  This product contains dispersants and registered biocides. This helps to break up biological contaminants for up to three (3) months.

Consistent use of the right drip pan treatment will:

  • Reduce the risk of drain blockages
  • Help break up existing contamination
  • Reduce the cost of plumbing related expense
  • Limit potential for flood damage
  • Reduction of water remediation costs related to this issue

Seasonal start-up is a perfect time to start adding condensate pan treatment to your preventative maintenance tool kit! Please reach out to GWT to select a method that meets the performance requirements of your units via email at or 708-349-9991.

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