GWT Announces Acquisition of Butler Chemical Company, Inc.

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South Holland, IL August 15th, 2019 Global Water Technology, Inc. (GWT), an industry leader in water and waste water treatment announces the acquisition of Butler Chemical Company, Inc. (BCC), a Chicagoland based water treatment company. GWT and Butler Chemical are two firms that have co-existed in Chicagoland and greater Illinois for years; the acquisition allows for efficient allocation of personnel and resources and a refocusing of staff on condensed areas of existing business in a tighter geography for both companies.

Butler Chemical Company, Inc. was founded in 1972 and specializes in personal service for the commercial and industrial sectors of the water treatment market.

GWT’s reputation for superior service and creating cost effective, resource saving, and equipment preserving strategies has allowed for continued growth and expansion throughout the United States and across a wide variety of industries. These strategies and services aligned seamlessly with Butler Chemical Company, Inc.’s mission of providing customized water treatment programs for all customers based on their specific needs by taking the time to get to know each company and discuss solutions based on individual need. As a respected leader in the local water treatment industry, the acquisition made sense as it expands GWT’s presence deeper throughout the Midwest.

Butler will merge all of its existing business into GWT’s established portfolio. GWT has retained Butler’s leadership, technical and administrative staff, and organizational infrastructure, for the long-term future. By virtue of this move, GWT expands its Midwestern footprint by over 175 additional customers serviced at over 295 physical locations throughout the entire state of Illinois and Northern Indiana.

This acquisition will further GWT’s reach across the states of Illinois and Indiana while simultaneously expanding BCC’s product offerings to existing clients to include:

  1. ASHRAE Standard 188 Compliant Water Management Programs
  2. Legionella testing and remediation services
  3. Cooling tower cleaning services
  4. GWT Support Services along with GWT’s equipment, engineering, and installation division
  5. GWTReports – GWT’s cloud based reporting and data management software
  6. GWT Academy – GWT’s internal and client education/training arm
  7. Waste water treatment products and services: coagulants, polymers, dry polymer, equipment, engineering & design services, on-site technical support, and environmental consulting
  8. Environmental Consulting – Air emission testing, discharge water permitting, and general consulting

This acquisition marks the fifth by GWT in the Midwestern United States since 2015 and the second in 2019. The discovery and acquisition of like-minded water treatment organizations continues to serve as a key part of GWT’s corporate growth strategy. As such, GWT is actively looking for small to mid-sized water treatment firms exploring ownership transition. Aligning transition strategies with GWT’s growth vision has provided previous owners on-going value through employment, transition customization, security,  reduction in risk, fair/equitable compensation, and long-term viability.

For more information, please contact GWT at or 708-349-9991.

About Butler: Butler Chemical Company is a regional water treatment company located in Schaumburg, Illinois. Butler’s main focus is HVAC, boiler and cooling water applications of water treatment with an emphasis on green technology. They are service-oriented and seek out opportunities to help industrial and commercial businesses with water-related problems.

Butler’s organization strives to combine the most modern chemical water treatments and equipment with the most extensive service program available today. Butler’s impeccable service before, during — and most importantly — after the sale, provide the best possible protection for any facility and its equipment.


Michael Jones

Consultant & Vice President – Butler Chemical Company

Michael graduated from Southeast Missouri University after two years of service with the U.S. Army, serving one year in Vietnam. He started his career as a sales representative in St. Louis with Rochester Midland Chemical Company in 1973. He became the youngest sales manager in the company at 24 years old.  This new position brought him to Chicago where he became the regional product manager teaching water treatment to both in house employees as well as clients.

In 1988, Michael joined Butler Chemical Company in Chicago as Vice President of Sales. After four years, Michael had the opportunity to become President and owner of the firm. He was able to grow the business tenfold by establishing relationships with mechanical companies as well as acquiring Lawrence Groves and Associates of Peoria, IL.  As a founding member of the Association of Water Technologies, Michael was able to both share his expertise as well as acquire new knowledge in the field of water treatment.

In his role as a consultant with Global Water Technology, Michael is anxious to assist the company and its sales force to both maintain and grow a large presence in the Midwest market.

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