Global Water Technology, Inc. Awarded Exclusive Distribution Rights for MEXEL Surface Treatment Technology within the United States of America by Mexel Industries S.A.

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South Holland, IL October 5th, 2020 Global Water Technology, Inc. (GWT), an industry leader in water and wastewater treatment service and Mexel Industries S.A. (MI) are excited to announce that GWT has been assigned the exclusive distribution rights to MEXEL Surface Treatment Technologies throughout the United States of America.

This partnership comes during a very exciting time in the water treatment industry where a focus on more sustainable water treatment programs has become a priority. Mexel’s unique technology presents new opportunities to provide end users with a means to effectively treat their systems while minimizing risk, increasing energy efficiency, reducing water usage, and beginning a trend towards a very favorable environmental profile within water treatment programs.

According to Matt Jensen, CWT and VP of Technology and Innovation at GWT, “Having the ability to become the exclusive distributor of Mexel has given GWT an incredible advantage over other firms and competitive filming amine technologies in the industry.  We are excited to be able to promote and work with a product that has such a long standing, successful, and notable track record within the global water treatment market.  We look forward to applying this cutting-edge technology at client sites across the country with our talented application specialists and regional distribution partners!”

By partnering with GWT, Mexel gains further exposure to the USA market, which has seen an incredible increase in filming amine-based solutions over the past five years. By selecting GWT, Mexel also gains access to local production capabilities and a partner with established sales and distribution capabilities across the country.

As part of the initial rollout, GWT will focus heavily on expanding business in markets where GWT and the technology have already made names for themselves, such as the  power generation market, where Mexel 432/0 has a strong reputation for reducing the need for hazardous chemistries such as industrial strength bleach, increasing heat transfer efficiency, lowering a plants total cost of operation, and minimizing the need for plant shut down. Mexel 432/0, the only EPA registered filming amine of its kind that is approved for use as a biocide, is a technology designed for efficacy in systems where heavy environmental loading is a concern with large once-through condenser systems.

The Mexel product line includes other well-known surface treatments such as MexClear, MexCool, MexClosed, and Mexsteam. When combined with the application skills provided by GWT and their distribution partner’s technical experts, Mexel’s technology has the ability to alter the way water treatment is performed in plants with closed loop, steam boiler, evaporative cooling, and once-through condenser water systems across the United States.

For more information, please contact GWT at or 708-349-9991.

History and Development: The Mexel technology process was developed in the 1980’s by Antoine VanLear a French Chemical Engineer and visionary.  Antoine sought to provide a corrosion inhibition solution for large power plant intake water systems. Antoine recognized that attempting to reduce the corrosive nature of Sea Water with traditional bulk water inhibitors was not only cost prohibitive, but a logistical and environmental challenge.

Having specific expertise in environmentally benign Film Forming Amines, (FFA’s) Antoine believed that a periodic FFA application in recirc-systems could efficiently provide a protective coating on system metallurgy with minimal impact to the bulk water column and its receiving water body.

Facilities experiencing these type of issues quickly realized that not only did the Mexel process reduce corrosion, but it also reduced fouling and improved heat exchange efficiency. Today, numerous applications world wide enjoy the benefits of Antoine’s vision and novel approach to the long standing challenges of fouling & corrosion in open, evaporative and once-through water systems. Since these early beginnings, Antoine & Mexel have developed novel product approaches utilizing the FFA mechanism in commercial & industrial boilers & closed water systems as well.

Antoine’s vision and product approach is in perfect alignment with GWT’s rich culture and history of innovation to create bottom-line client value. All too often, new technologies simply shift the burden from one side of the financial or environmental balance sheet to the other.

About Mexel: Founded in France in 1990, Mexel Industries S.A. has pioneered a range of innovative green emulsions for power stations, water circuits, fuel combustion and concrete formworks.

As a result of extensive research and development studies, MEXEL Industries has developed various emulsions: antifouling, fuel additives, silicate deposit inhibitor, emulsions for formworks, made from organic substances and always safe for the environment.

Concerned with the negative environmental effects of conventional industrial water-cooling treatments, MEXEL Industries was established to develop non-polluting industrial water circuit treatment emulsions. Our solutions combat fouling from a variety of biological and chemical sources, optimize cooling efficiency and significantly lower operational costs.

The environmentally sustainable Mexel approach aims to:

  1. Prevent problems rather than deal with crisis
  2. Act at surface level instead of treating volumes of water
  3. Repel and disperse fouling organisms and materials rather than killing them

This philosophy, and an extensive research and development program has led to their range of innovative green solutions for various industry sectors.

MEXEL green treatments enhance a wide range of industrial applications:

  1. Water circuit anti-fouling solutions for power stations, oil, gas and petroleum industry plants based on non-polluting emulsions.
  2. Environmentally friendly mould release agents made of vegetable oil, non chemically modified, for concrete formwork, construction and composites that provide a better finish, easier implementation, and is safe for people and the environment.
  3. Fuel additives for diesel engines that optimize combustion and reduce CO2 emissions without modifying the fuel characteristics.een ballast water treatments.

MEXEL Industries highlights:

  • Pioneer in sustainable anti-fouling treatment for cooling water circuit and industrial applications.
  • Holder of international patents for water treatments.
  • Operating a modern research development and production facility close to Paris.
  • ISO 9001 and 14000 certified.

About GWT: Global Water Technology, Inc. was founded in 1990 to meet a growing demand in the industry for personalized, affordable, and reliable water treatment services. The primary goal was to establish an honest and reputable company that management teams would be proud to partner with. As a result, GWT built a strong reputation in the commercial, residential, industrial, hotel, and healthcare markets throughout the United States.

GWT’s reputation for superior service and creating cost effective, resource saving, and equipment preserving strategies has allowed for continued growth and expansion throughout the United States and across a wide variety of industries. Today, Global Water Technology, Inc. is one of the industry’s leaders in water and wastewater treatment.

For more detailed information about GWT, please visit our About Us page.

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