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Global Water Technology, Inc. was founded in 1990 to meet a growing demand in the industry for personalized, affordable, and reliable water treatment services. The primary goal was to establish an honest and reputable company that management teams would be proud to partner with. As a result GWT built a strong reputation in the commercial, residential, industrial, hotel, and healthcare markets throughout the Midwestern United States.

GWT’s reputation for superior service and creating cost effective, resource saving, and equipment preserving strategies has allowed for continued growth and expansion throughout the United States and across a wide variety of industries.

Today, Global Water Technology, Inc. is one of the industry’s leaders in water and waste treatment.



Michael Byerley

President & CEO

Michael is the second generation to lead Global Water Technology, Inc. The company was founded by his mother, Maria Villarreal-Byerley in 1990. Michael joined GWT in 2009 as an intern and was hired full time following his graduation from Northwestern University. During his first few years with the company Michael directed much of his day time activity to the field, providing on-site technical service and account management to clients and prospective clients. Michael simultaneously assumed day to day operation of the company’s administrative, vendor management, sales, and marketing activities, often executing these job functions before and after his field duties. It was during this time and by working closely with GWT’s various teams, that Michael was able to develop his understanding of the technical side of GWT’s products and services and gain perspective of the water treatment industry as a whole. The time he spent in various roles has helped Michael to create a progressive, customer and employee centric approach to growing a sustainable water treatment firm.

Corporate Leadership


Patrick Morgan

VP of Sales & Marketing


Vince Spaeth

Executive Vice President


Carl Cameron

VP of Field Operations


Renae Schaver

Business Manager


Jamie Claus

Technical Director


Tom Armon

Executive Advisor


Matt Jensen, CWT

Vice President of Technology & Innovation

Corporate Support


Michael Morgan

VP of Industrial Accounts & Waste Treatment Solutions


Brian Burgess, CWT

Director of Education & Compliance

About Us

Sara Gulbrandsen, MBA

Sales & Marketing Manager


Scott Lorimer, CWT

Technical Sales & Marketing Manager


William Feldmeier

Support Services Manager


Patrick Shaver, CWT

Assistant Technical Director


Larry McLaughlin, CWT

Vice President of Water Safety


Scott Olson, CWT

Division President, Lakeland Chemical (Wisconsin)


Leonard Tanel, CWT

Division Vice President, Lakeland Chemical (Wisconsin)


John Ferek

VP of Chicagoland


Daniel Beaurain

Territory Manager, Northwest Indiana & Southwest Michigan


Daniel Conway

Territory Manager, Northern Illinois & Southern Wisconsin


Gerry Dilla, CWT

Territory Manager, Iowa


Paul Gleason

Territory Manager, Central Illinois


Gary Bounin

Senior Territory Representative, Central Indiana & Indianapolis


Alex Wight

Area Manager, City of Chicago


Alan Martinek

Territory Manager, Southwest


GWT tries to find ways to give back to and support the community. We have found that the most successful ways to give back begins with active participation in the community itself. With our participation, we hope to aid in the sustained growth and success of community organizations, business associations, youth programs, and educational institutions.

  • The Building Owners and Managers Association of Chicago
  • The Chief Engineers Association of Chicago
  • The International Union of Operating Engineers I.U.O.E. 399
  • Association of Water Technologists (AWT)
  • Collegiate Level Athletic Scholarships
  • Food and Toy Drives
  • Local Youth Athletic Teams
  • Clean water initiatives
  • Job shadowing/technical training programs
  • Community outreach and educational organizations

Causes GWT Directly Supports:



Maria E. Villarreal-Byerley
Founder, Past President

Global Water Technology, Inc. (GWT) was founded in 1990 by Maria E. Villarreal-Byerley. Previously, Maria worked with her husband, William Byerley, to establish Environmental Mechanical Services (EMS), one of Chicago’s finest HVAC service companies. In the early 90’s EMS merged with Hill Mechanical Services, allowing her the opportunity to begin her own venture. It was while at EMS that she perceived a demand for a new type of company in the water treatment industry. With a handful of experienced industry experts from established companies, she founded GWT on the principles of service, honesty, and partnership. These founding principles have laid a strong foundation for the growth and success of the modern organization.

In 2005, GWT expanded into the facility operations field, establishing its Engineering Services division.

Maria’s son, Michael Byerley, joined the organization in a Business Development role after his graduation from Northwestern University in 2011. His task was organizational modernization and expansion through acquisition, diversification, and development of a modern sales infrastructure. Michel was promoted to Vice President in 2013.

Notably in 2015 GWT acquired a Chicago-based firm, Midwest Products & Consultants, which focused on waste water and other industrial process water treatment consulting services. GWT continued its acquisition mission through the acquisition of Superior Water Management, Inc., another Illinois based firm in August of 2016.

In August 2015 Michael Byerley was promoted to President of GWT and in August of 2016 Maria retired from the organization.

In July 2017, GWT continued its growth initiative by agreeing to assume PCS Industries Water Treatment as HP Products (acquired PCS in 2015) moved out of the water treatment service field.

In February 2019, GWT Acquired Lakeland Chemical Specialties, Inc. (LCS). The company was founded in 1991 and is a member of the Association of Water Technologies (AWT), specializing in water treatment chemistry and services for cooling towers, steam boilers, closed loops, and potable water systems. GWT merged all of its existing business in Wisconsin under a new division called Lakeland Chemical Specialties a Division of Global Water Technology. GWT retained Lakeland’s existing leadership, technical and administrative staff, organizational infrastructure, and warehousing in Menomonee Falls, WI for the long-term future. By virtue of this move, GWT expanded its Midwestern footprint by over 350 additional customers serviced at over 500 physical locations throughout Northern, IL and the state of Wisconsin.

In July 2019 GWT acquired Butler Chemical Company, Inc. (BCC), a Chicagoland based water treatment company. GWT and Butler Chemical are two firms that co-existed in Chicagoland and greater Illinois for years; the acquisition allowed for efficient allocation of personnel and resources and a refocusing of staff on condensed areas of existing business in a tighter geography for both companies. Butler Chemical Company was founded in 1972 and for the past 25 years was owned by Michael Jones, Sr. who joined GWT as a part time consultant. Michael’s son Mick also joined GWT through the acquisition as a Senior Account Executive in our Chicagoland region. Butler merged all of its existing business into GWT’s established portfolio. By virtue of this move, GWT expanded its Midwestern footprint by over 175 additional customers serviced at over 295 physical locations throughout the entire state of Illinois and Northern Indiana.

Water-Tech Specialties, Inc. (WTS), a Fremont, CA based water treatment firm was added to GWT’s portfolio of companies in May 2020. WTS was founded in 1983 and specializes in personal service for the commercial and industrial sectors of the water treatment market. Their reputation for superior service and solutions made them an ideal partner to facilitate GWT’s Western expansion. WTS will eventually merge its business operations and assets into GWT’s established portfolio. GWT has retained WTS’ leadership, technical and administrative staff, and organizational infrastructure, for the long-term future. By virtue of this move, GWT expands its Western footprint by over 350 additional customers serviced at over 500 physical locations throughout the state of California. This move also adds a Fremont, CA based office and distribution hub and three (3) Certified Water Technologists to GWT’s operation.

Year to year, GWT achieves consistent double digit growth through customer retention, employee retention, and its sustainable national expansion strategy.


Edward A. Modestas
Past President Midwest Products & Consultants acquired by GWT in 2015.


Eric Burgess
Past President and Owner, Superior Water Management acquired by GWT in 2016.


Larry Feldmeier
Past Water Treatment Executive Consultant and Division Manager at PCS Industries Assumed by GWT in 2017


Scott Olson, CWT
Past President and Owner, Lakeland Chemical Specialties, Inc. acquired by GWT in 2019.


Leonard Tanel, CWT
Past VP and Owner, Lakeland Chemical Specialties, Inc. acquired by GWT in 2019.


Michael Jones Sr.
Past President & Owner, Butler Chemical Company, Inc. Acquired in July 2019.


Jack Walker, CWT
Past President and Owner, Water-Tech Specialties, Inc. acquired by GWT in 2020.