Evaporative cooling systems act as air scrubbers for airborne particulate and tend to accumulate sediment in low flow areas.

Per ASHRE, ANSI, and CTI, regular, seasonal cooling tower cleaning and disinfection are the minimum standard. Seed particulate within system water act as a starting point for biofilm growth and excessive accumulation in low flow areas provide a physical barrier for the penetration of biocides, rapidly increasing the risk of Legionella exposure and decreased overall efficiency.

Physical Cooling System Cleaning
  • Disinfection using oxidizing biocide approved by CTI and CDC for disinfection of legionella bacteria
  • System taken offline and drained
  • Physical sweeping and brushing of all surfaces
  • Pre-soaking of all surfaces with proper and safe treatment
  • Power washing (low pressure) of all surfaces of cell, fill tank, and fan to remove contaminants
  • Waste material will be bagged and disposed of
  • Close out report with summary, before pictures, and after pictures
On-line Disinfection of Evaporative Cooling System
  • Procedures comply with CDC and CTI protocol for on-line disinfection of evaporative cooling systems using free chlorine
  • Dispersant and oxidizing biocide
  • Application and oversight labor to complete online disinfection
  • Close out report with summary and water quality reports
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