GWT Releases Updated Logo with Emphasis on Commitment to Water Efficiency

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To emphasize GWT’s corporate commitment to efficient water management, we have refreshed our logo and tagline! The new logo’s emphasis on WATER reflects our mission of protecting water as a natural resource through innovative water solutions and efficient water management. Our 2019 tagline “We Are WATER” acknowledges that water is at the core of everything.

Although seemingly abundant, clean water is limited. The individual decisions facility managers and water related service providers make today will affect the availability of water in the future and define the success of our children. Failure to continually innovate will lead to an unsustainable future.

To ensure a sustainable future, we must remind ourselves:

  1. We cannot live without water.
  2. Saving water will concurrently help preserve the environment.
  3. Efficient water use reduces energy involved in delivery and purification of clean water.
  4. Cleaner, safer facilities reduce operational and production expenses.
  5. Efficient water use reduces pollution and conserves limited fuel resources.
  6. Innovation and conservation now means investing in life for the future.

For more information on ways to help your facility achieve the highest level of water efficiency, contact GWT’s sales team at or 708-349-9991.

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