The Situation

A prominent commercial real estate firm aimed to consolidate water treatment at over 30 commercial properties throughout the Midwestern United States. GWT and two other providers were engaged to submit proposals.

The Solution

GWT’s team of experts surveyed each site and created a comprehensive strategy that focused on automation, standardization, training, safety, and economics.

The Results

Commercial Water Treatment

GWT was selected and has reduced overall chemical expenditures, increased system protection, and reduced water usage through its oversight strategy.

  • Development of corporate water treatment standard
  • Training of all facility operators on water treatment program
  • Implementation of cloud based logging and recording
  • Upgrade of treatment feed equipment protfolio wide
  • Reduction of treatment expense
  • Transition from unpredictable pay as you go treatment to budgeted pricing
  • Reduction of water, fuel, and energy usage
  • Implementation of hands free chemical delivery into dual walled point of use tanks

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