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Global Water Technology, Inc. (GWT) is proud to offer our clients support in their efforts to battle the COVID-19 Pandemic!

As many traditional suppliers of janitorial and sanitation products have pushed product delivery dates weeks to months out, GWT has worked tirelessly to establish reasonable access to several notable items that can be used in the fight against COVID-19. These include:

  • BAC STOP 3A Instant Gel Hand Sanitizer
  • BAC STOP 2A Hand and General Purpose Soap
  • GWT-Handsan – Liquid Hand and Surface Sanitizer
  • Peraspray – RTU Surface Disinfectant
  • StrikeForce – One-Step RTU Disinfectant – On EPA’s N List, approved for use against COVID-19
  • Sani-Spritz Spray – RTU Surface Disinfectant
  • Readyquat – RTU Surface Disinfectant
  • Persan A – Bulk Disinfectant
  • Industrial Grade Bleach – Bulk Disinfectant

More items will be added as they become available. Call or email us today to see how we can help at 708-349-9991 or! 

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Hand Selected Products for use in the Fight Against COVID-19

BAC Stop 3A - Instant Gel Hand Sanitizer (Click for More)

BAC STOP 3 E3 Hand Sanitizer is a new generation, high quality pH balanced formula that is mild, yet tough enough to exceed USDA efficacy guidelines for E3 hand sanitizers.

Contains emollients to leave hands feeling soft. BAC STOP 3 is a mild blend of biocidal quaternaries and alcohol s.

BAC STOP 3 is intended for use as a no-rinse hand sanitizer for using in food plant environments.

**Due to shortages, (1) one pumper available per case while supplies last for small fee** Item# PMP-D1049

PERASPRAY - Ready-to-Use - EPA Registered Cleaner - Kills 99.9% of All Bacteria & Viruses (Click for More)

BAC STOP 2 E3 - Antimicrobial Hand Soap (Click for More)

BAC STOP E2 Antimicrobial Hand Soap is a new generation, triclosan-free, high-quality pH balanced soap that is tough on grease, yet soft on hands. It also provides proven anti-bacterial protection for your hands and is unsurpassed in mildness for even the most sensitive skin. Bac Stop 2 meets or exceeds USDA guidelines for E2 rated hand soaps and is Kosher certified.

Active ingredient: Chloroxylenol

**Due to shortages, (1) one pumper available per case while supplies last for a small fee** Item# PMP-D1049

 Bottles will work with all other 1 GAL size pump/spray dispensers

PERSAN A - Food Grade Sanitizer (Click for More)

SANI-SPRITZ SPRAY - Ready-to-Use - One-Stem Disinfectant & Cleaner - EPA Registered (Click for More)

Sani-Spritz Spray is a one-step disinfectant cleaner that is effective against a broad spectrum of bacteria, is virucidal (including HIV-1, the AID Virus and Hepatitis B Virus and Hepatitis C Virus), fungicidal, and inhibits the growth of mold and mildew, and their odors, when used as directed. Sani-Spritz Spray has been formulated to aid in the reduction of cross-contamination not only in hospitals, but in schools, institutions, and industries. It meets AOAC testing standards for hospital disinfectants. Use this RTU disinfectant on washable hard, nonporous surfaces of countertops, glazed tiles, stovetops, sinks, and toilet bowl surfaces. Sani-Spritz Spray RTU disinfectant is also a one-step sanitizer for soft surfaces. Use on soft surfaces such as fabric window treatments, bags, upholstered couches, sofa, chairs and seat cushions.

  • Sani-Spritz Spray is approved for use on hard non-porous surfaces to kill and deactivate viruses similar to COVID-19 .
  • Recently the EPA has announced that the Novel Coronavirus has triggered the EPA Emerging Pathogen Policy.
  • Sani-Spritz Spray has demonstrated effectiveness against viruses similar to COVID-19 on hard, non-porous surfaces. Therefore, Sani-Spritz Spray can be used against COVID-19 when used in accordance with directions for use against Norovirus on hard, non-porous surfaces. Refer to the CDC website for additional information.
  • Sani-Spritz Spray is also effective against other respiratory viruses including Human Coronavirus and Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) on hard non-porous surfaces.

**Due to demand, this product has the most unpredictable lead time. Sprayers are unavailable at this time.

ReadyQuat - EPA Registered - Ready-To-Use Sanitizer for Food Contact, Non-Food Contact & Veterinary Surfaces (Click for More)

Ready-To-Use Sanitizer for Food Contact, Non-Food Contact & Veterinary Surfaces

This product is an EPA registered, ready-to-use sanitizer for use on food and non-food contact surfaces in food service operations, food plants, meat plants, dairy, restaurants, veterinary and animal care facilities.

Designed for use on immobile hard surfaces such as table tops, food processing equipment, counter tops, chopping blocks, tanks, picnic tables, appliances, stove tops and food work areas.

An ideal product for use in restaurant kitchens and dining rooms. Also an excellent cleaner and sanitizer for hard surfaces in animal care facilities, veterinary operations, kennels, etc.

Delivers a 200 ppm active quaternary solution that eliminates 99.999% of the following bacteria with 60 second contact time: Escherichia coli, ESBL Escherichia coli, Salmonella enterica, Shigella sonnei, Staphylococcus aureus, Vibrio cholerae, Yersinia enterocolitica and other listed bacteria.

StrikeForce - EPA Registered - One-Step RTU Disinfectant - For Hospitals, Restaurants, Institutional and Industrial Use (Click for More)

One-Step RTU Disinfectant for Hospitals, Restaurants, Institutional and Industrial Use – This product is an EPA registered, ready-to-use disinfectant-cleaner-virucide-fungicide-mildewstat-deodorizer for use on hard, nonporous surfaces in medical settings such as hospitals, nursing homes, doctor’s offices and urgent care facilities. Also designed for disinfection and cleaning in non-medical areas such as schools, daycare, hotels, health clubs, gyms, airplanes, cruise ships, public transportation vehicles and facilities, government buildings, jails and correctional facilities, gas stations, retail stores, restaurants and food processing plants. This product also provides disinfection and cleaning in veterinary practices, zoos, pet shops and kennels. Effective against a broad spectrum of listed bacteria, viruses, fungi and animal viruses:

 Comes with one (1) sprayer per case of 6.

 On EPA’S List N of disinfectants that meet the criteria for use against COVID-19!

Industrial Grade Bleach - 12.5% Sodium Hypochlorite (Click for More)

Industrial Strength “BLEACH” Sodium Hypochlorite – Sodium hypochlorite in solution exhibits broad spectrum anti-microbial activity and is widely used in healthcare facilities in a variety of settings. It is usually diluted in water depending on its intended use. “Strong chlorine solution” is a 0.5% solution of hypochlorite (containing approximately 5000 ppm free chlorine) used for disinfecting areas contaminated with body fluids, including large areas (the area may need to be first cleaned with detergent before being disinfected).

From the CDC: diluted bleach solutions (at least 1000ppm sodium hypochlorite) can be used if appropriate for the surface. Follow manufacturer’s instructions for application, ensuring a contact time of at least 1 minute, and allowing proper ventilation during and after application. Check to ensure the product is not past its expiration date. Never mix bleach with ammonia or any other cleanser. Unexpired bleach will be effective against coronaviruses when properly diluted.

GWT-HandSan - Liquid IPA Based Hand Sanitizer and Surface Cleaner (Click for More)

Liquid IPA Based Hand Sanitizer and Surface Cleaner

GWT and a local manufacturer have teamed up to provide clients this more readily available product.

Packaged in a 12oz Trigger Sprayer 6-Pack, the consistency will be more of a watery based sanitizer (NOT THICK GEL) and thus can also be sprayed on surfaces as a cleaner. This is an approved World Health Organization (WHO) / FDA formulation & made at an EPA established facility.

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