Water Treatment Consulting Services

Our collective experience and knowledge allows us to offer limited consulting services to our customers based on real experiences, not hypothetical situations.

Because we consistently and successfully meet customer’s needs and develop innovative solutions to issues ranging from excessive resource consumption to health hazards, we confidently offer the following services:

System Improvement or Installation

We can develop a water treatment set-up that works for you. Whether new construction or updating an outdated system, GWT can create a solution based on your preferences and building needs.

  • Automate System
  • Replace Inefficient Set-Ups

Twenty plus years of experience make us a huge resource when evaluating systems. We have seen it all, know what works, and what can work better.

Secondary Consulting & Program Review

Federal or corporate regulations may stipulate existing water treatment management plans be audited and systems be checked by a third party. GWT can fill this role for you.

  • Unbiased On-Site Water Testing
  • Certified Laboratory Analysis
  • Review of Testing Procedures and Levels
  • Data Recording
  • Complete System Analysis
  • Legionella Sampling and Testing

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