In our daily work, we come across countless unused, unknown liquid chemical from years past with missing labels or damaged containment in facilities all over. It is a growing concern for us. As these unknown materials sit in plastic or metal drums, the integrity of the container can fail and cause serious physical harm to the environment and humans coming in contact.

Hazardous Chemical Removal

Why Remove Old Chemical Drums?

  • Safety Concerns
  • Drum Integrity Lessens Over the Years
  • Maintain a Clean Mech Room

What can GWT do for You?

For a nominal fee, GWT will coordinate the removal of unknown or old hazardous chemical with one of our many partner HAZMAT removal companies. A representative will sample the drum to determine contents and then remove and dispose of the HAZMAT drum in the safest most responsible way possible.

In the road to maintaining a safe working environment, this is a small expense compared to other possible outcomes.