Chemical Feed System Automation

GreenER Benefits to Automation?

  • Reduce Water Waste
  • Reduce Treatment Overfeeding
  • Reduce Energy Consumption
  • Achieve maximum life of critical equipment
  • Maintain Consistent Treatment Levels


How Does Automation Achieve These Goals?

  1. Reduce Water Waste – Automation takes the guess work out of maintaining the right cycle of concentration in boilers and cooling towers. An automated system will only blow down necessary amounts of water to maintain desired levels.
  2. Reduce Treatment Overfeeding – An automated systems allows us to dial in treatment devices based off of data, not timers.
  3. Reduce Energy Consumption – Energy consumption is reduced by maintaining an efficient system through consistent treatment.
  4. Achieve maximum life of critical equipment – Systems are better protected. Reduces the chance systems go long periods with ineffective amounts of treatment.

Combining Automation and GWT GreenER Products:

Combining state of the art control and feed systems with our greener products will typically allow higher cycles of concentration. These products are specifically designed to work in the stressed conditions of higher scaling/fouling ions typical in higher conductivity situations. When used in conjunction, we can achieve a more efficient use of water while still maintaining a highly efficient and protected system.

Over time, going green will pay for itself. Decreasing water and chemical usage not only save owners money, but help maintain a more sustainable environment.

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