Eco Friendly Water Systems

What is a GWT GreenER Program?

We offer custom built programs to help meet and set green water treatment initiatives. We start with a basic GWT GreenER program and add or remove features based on customer needs and wants.

Basics of a GWT GreenER Program

  • GWT GreenER Treatments
  • Equipment Adjustments/Automation
  • Efficiency Evaluation
  • Sustainability Practices

Our programs offer considerable flexibility. Transitioning is a process we can help walk you through. Our plans allow customers to reach higher levels of sustainability over time with the end goal of achieving the highest possible level of sustainability

The Process

When a customer approaches us about becoming more sustainable we usually begin a multiple stage product including:

  1. Discovery Meeting: Intended to Set Goals, a Target Budget, and Project End Date
  2. Evaluation: We Evaluate Current Water Usage, Chemical Usage, and Equipment Set-Up
  3. Proposal Meeting: Using our Evaluation we Present our Proposal & Expected Results
  4. Kick Off – Completion: Project Begins and Ends at Target Deadline
  5. Follow Through: GWT Continues the with a Green Service Program


Our mission is to protect the environment by setting and achieving cost effective GREEN goals while protecting critical equipment. Green water treatment is a proven reality and our commitment. Through comprehensive water management programs, increasing equipment life and efficiency, using more environmentally friendly products, and recycling, we can help conserve the environment’s precious resources while saving money.