Corrosion Monitoring

Corrosion monitoring can save thousands in repair costs. Without proper corrosion monitoring, operators virtually run blind and problems can only be diagnosed when they are noticeable and the damage has already been done.

What are corrosion coupons?

Corrosion coupons are metal samples installed in coupon racks for a set time period. Pre-installation attributes are recorded and compared to the post installation attributes. Results reveal rate of corrosion and reflect the system’s protection level.

Why install a coupon rack?

  • Identify Problems Promptly
  • Document System Corrosion Levels
  • Verify Treatment Effectiveness
  • Save Thousands in Repair Costs

What We Can Do For You:

  • Build Analysis Into Treatment Service Contracts
  • Provide Analytical Plans as Needed
  • Suggested 90 Day Coupon Exchange Rate
  • Offer Semi-Annual and Annual Options as Well
  • Provide Reports and Corrective Action Plan
  • Help Gain Insight Into System’s Internal Condition


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