Cooling Tower Treatment

Treatment for cooling towers and evaporative condensers is an essential part of reducing costly repairs, maximizing the lifespan and efficiency of cooling equipment, and preventing the spread of deadly water borne pathogens such as Legionella.

Cooling tower treatments aim to address the following:1_1

  • Corrosion control
  • Scale/deposit build up
  • Microbiological control
  • Freeze Protection
  • System Cleanings
  • Passivisation
  • Lay-Up/Start-Up


GWT-Inc offers a variety of treatment solutions for these systems. Our treatments are formulated using industry standard chemical formulations and blends.

        Corrosion, scale, and deposit build up control:

  • Achieved through organo phosphonate, polymer, and azole based treatments. These treatments combine corrosion inhibitors, oxygen scavengers, and polymers to prevent corrosion and scale build-up.  We also offer formulations with molybdenum for tracing purposes.
  • Apart from our standard OP based formulations we also have capabilities to match any formulation in use at your facility or to meet bid specifications.

        Biological Control

  • Achieved through addition of oxidizing and non-oxidizing biocides such as bellacide 355, JusteQ, sodium hypochlorite 12.5 %, or stabilized chlorines.

        Freeze Protection

  • Achieved through running inhibited propylene glycol through tower coils to coat interior metal for winter lay-up.
  • Our glycols come in any percent mixture with or without inhibitors.
  • We also offer greenER alternatives to the standard glycols on the market.

        System Cleanings

  • Achieved through mild cleaning compounds which penetrate deposit build up and scale on heat transfer surfaces.

        Cooling tower Passivisation

  • Before commissioning a new cooling tower it is important to passivate or pre-treat the metal in order to maximize the useful life of the system.
  • Passivisation helps combat the “white-rust” phenomena affecting galvanized systems.
  • Passivisation procedures include a pre-cleaning to remove dirt or remaining manufacturing debris and a pre-filming treatment to create a corrosion barrier.
  • Passivisation is also suggested after any deep chemical or acid cleanings of equipment.
  • We offer highly concentrated products specifically designed for passivisation as well as pre-cleaning formulations.

        Cooling Tower Chemical Tracing:

  • We can add trace amounts of fluorescent dye to any of our blends for the purpose of real-time monitoring of inhibitors in cooling towers.
  • This tracing method must be tied in to the control system using a fluorometer.
  • Another option is using molybdenum in trace amounts for testing with a portable calorimeter.


  • Cooling tower lay-up/start-up is essential to the general up keep of cooling equipment. Draining down systems should never be the only step for winterization. Over the course of a cooling season many factors may contribute to accumulation of debris in the equipment such open air contaminants, construction debris, or interruption of treatment program. Therefore it is important to use a lay-up treatment with mild cleaning characteristics. Our lay-up treatment programs both clean and provide a protective coating on the metals of cooling systems before winter lay-up.
  • Start-Up is just as important. After spending an entire winter weathering the harsh elements, it is important to pre-treat the cooling equipment before starting up the equipment.

        GreenER Treatments

  • GWT offers green formulated water treatments to aid customers achieve higher efficiencies and better use utilities.
  • Green inhibitors are more biodegradable, require less energy to manufacture, and allow higher cycles of concentration.
  • Higher cycles of concentration means using water more efficiently and making-up less water.
  • These formulations are also less toxic to humans and the environment.