Why GWT?

Customer Service 

For over twenty two years our commitment to customer service has earned us a strong reputation throughout the Midwest. GWT was founded on the belief that a water treatment company should not center on selling product, but focus on providing knowledgeable, accountable technical support and solutions. Our primary concern is meeting and exceeding customer goals whether they be protecting expensive mechanical equipment or reducing a facility’s environmental footprint.

Technical Expertise

GWT’s team of system analysts are highly trained water treatment professionals who have years of real experience coupled with classroom and field training. The team is regularly sent to the Association of Water Technologies (AWT) technical seminars for refreshers in basic water treatment practices and to raise awareness of emerging trends and technology. AWT also provides GWT with a network of experts in the industry such as Legionella or other technical specialists.

Minority – Woman (MBE/WBE) Owned Water Treatment Company

When choosing a vendor, supplier diversity may be of concern. Diversity is beneficial because it:

  • Helps grow the economy by creating more jobs and opportunities
  • Helps meet corporate social responsibility goals
  • Shows support for economic diversity and growing small businesses
  • Facilitates positive PR
  • Helps meet qualifications for certain projects


Safety is always a priority. We understand the liability associated with facility management and aim to be a low risk partner. Since our priority is the customer, we will never cut corners or put you at risk.

  • a properly trained service team
  • all government regulations
  • safety training for operation staff
  • safe bulk transfer shipment methods
  • the highest rated HAZMAT shipping partner in Chicago


We recognized that every customer is unique. This is why we create custom treatment plans that take into the unique characteristics of each facility. This flexibility extends to unique billing situations as well. We hope to be easier to work with than some of our larger competitors.