Proven Satisfaction: Testimonials

We pride ourselves on customer satisfaction. We aim to make customers for life through the quality and value of our service. Here are testimonials that some of our customers have to say about us:

GWT provides us with reliable & dependable monthly service. After choosing Global a year ago, our HW/CW chemical readings have been the most consistent out of the last 3 water treaters. GWT is in my budget and are very nice people to work with.
Jim, Facility Director of Engineering at a North Chicago Hospital

I have been a Global customer for many years. When the warranty period expired on our new office building I sought out water treatment companies to service the equipment. Global’s pricing, products, and service have kept me a customer since. As for performance, our cooling towers and chillers’ tubes look like new and have had no corrosion or scale issues.
Pat, Chief Engineer, Downtown Commercial Office Building

I have been a client of Global Water for the last 12 years. The first 8 were spent at a different property than now. In the 8 years with Global at the first location, I never had an issue with their service, commitment to the property or the costs involved. They have always given me unbiased, sound advice on the trends and new technologies in the industry. If something goes wrong, or if I have any questions regarding anything, they are always on the spot to help out.

The treatments used at my last property worked very well and kept all the systems in great shape. When I left to open a new property, I called Global up to come out and continue their great service at this location. As always Global has not let me down. When we opened in 2008, there was an issue with the condenser water clogging up. Global came out immediately and took samples of the water to check for possible problems. It turned out that our neighbors were doing some tuck pointing and we were collecting brick and mortar dust in our tower causing the mud buildup. Global immediately changed our strategy, upped our blow down frequency, and changed some chemicals during the construction to combat the dust. Before long our water chemistry was back in range and with no buildup. This work did not cost us anything additional, it was all part of the agreement. That to me shows that Global not only knows what they are doing, but they stand behind what they sell and make sure the end user is always satisfied.

I have had other big name companies come in to try and steal this account promising a lower cost and more service, but I don’t see how. Their coverage has so many gaps in the contract wording that I would be getting billed extra for everything. I have no issues to date with Global and don’t see any coming. I will continue my relationship with Global for as long as I have a say in it.
Mike, Director of Engineering, A Premier Chicago Hotel

GWT is all about costumer service, if we have any issues with one of many different water loops throughout the building we call our service technician and he is there to assist. Chief Engineers like me have to answer to building managers and building owners for dollars spent on HVAC operation. The chemical treatment portion of our annual HVAC budget can be costly. GWT works within our budget parameters and designed a cost effective program tailored for our building.
Scott, Chief Engineer Commercial Office Building

Global Water is great! Prices can’t be beat. Can’t believe they don’t have the entire city of Chicago! They help me manage my entire Chicago portfolio. From helping me deal with projects at individual properties to developing cross property strategies, Global always has an answer that helps me meet my bottom line.
Jim, Director of Operations, Large Commercial Real Estate Management Company

Global Water actively helped clean up my closed loop system that had not had chemical treatment for 4 years! Today the system runs clean and stays that way! Also, after the replacement of a twin 200 ton cooling tower, we had an issue of passivation that was not caught by the installing vendor who was the factory rep of the manufacturer as well. Global Water stood by us and helped answer the tough questions with the manufacturer to establish and maintain our warranty on the equipment! Without their help, we would not have been able to commission the tower.

I’ve had to clean up a bad calcium problem with my open loop system. Global found and sold the chemicals I needed to accomplish that. They showed up the day of the treatment in jeans and jumped in to assist us and make sure we were doing it the right way.

Global Water chemical treatment has helped us reduce our cooling costs by keeping our equipment cleaner and safer. They arrive every month as promised and examine all the equipment thoroughly. Their reports help me track my equipment and save valuable time. At Global Water, they don’t just send me chemicals. They inspect my equipment, point out potential problems BEFORE they happen. They take active inventory and help train my personnel. They are a vendor I can truly rely on to be honest and committed to my issues.
Dan, Director of Engineering, Chicago Land Resort

GWT is a great vendor and I would recommend them without hesitation. Economics are in line and even below average considering the work produced. They go over and above in customer service and attention to detail. Service on site has even contacted me when they noticed something within the building that needed my attention.
Pam, Property Manager, Suburban Commercial Property

I chose Global Water Technology for their outstanding customer service, knowledgeable staff and fair pricing. They are always there whenever I need them.
Tim, Chief Engineer, Large Suburban Hotel

Global Water has been my preferred water treatment provider for many years and through many properties. They have very knowledgeable field techs and their office staff is top shelf in the industry. They are very helpful. Their cost is very competitive or lower than most of the companies in the business. I have been in many properties as a Chief Engineer or as a Director and the first order of business is to bring in Global Water to do a complete analysis of all water systems and then create a plan that best suits the buildings needs. Most of the properties that I have personally overseen still use GWT as there partner in water service …
Steve, Chief Engineer, Commercial Office Building in Chicago Loop

I have had a long standing relationship with Global.  They have always been proactive and I have enjoyed their level of professionalism.  They have experienced technicians with excellent work ethic and communication skills.  They have really adapted well to the way we like to do business.
Andy, Chief Engineer at a Large Chicago University